Our list of remote work tools

Here is a list of remote tools we use at FunRetro. It's not a definitive list but a list of tools we tried and like to use. Remote work is growing every day and we believe it's the present and future of how people will interact and create.


FunRetro is a nice tool for distributed teams to do retrospectives, brainstorm and collaborative meetings together. It's super easy and intuitive to start.


Trello is a nice tool for project management and task management. It's super easy to use and simple.


Remo is a videoconferencing tool that simulates a real office. It's very nice because people can choose which room environment they want to be, private office, coffee area, gaming area, conference room, etc... You can see who is online and where at any time.


Whereby is a very good videoconferencing tool as well, it's simple to create a room and you can invite people by just sharing the URL. It's simple as that.


Notion is a very good notes tool, you can organize your work and create lists, todos, wiki, and all sorts of documentation for yourself or your team.


Standups is a very nice tool for online scrum standups, it uses short videos so everyone can see the status of a team member at any time.

Our list of remote work tools
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